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This fansite was created by an addicted Pat & Mat fan from Switzerland. My name is Jürg Schaeppi, and I'm born in 1982.

I saw Pat & Mat for the first time around the age of 5 or 6 and immediatly loved them. It's just pure fun. Incredibly done, innovative and with a great soundtrack. The Swiss TV station which broadcasted Pat & Mat called them "Sepp & Heiri" (two very Swiss names, by the way). Back in 2001 I discovered an old VHS tape on which I recorded some episodes. I was on fire again, wanted to find out who this series made, where the roots are, who the great music composed and how many episodes there are. So I tried to search the internet for informations. But only by knowing the Swiss title "Sepp & Heiri" that was quite a hard task. I didn't find anything.

Next I contacted Swiss TV station "SF DRS" and asked them about details. They provided me with some more informations: "Pat & Mat" and "...a je to!". With these search terms I got more hits. But the next problem was that I don't understand Czech. And I was surprised that I didn't find any fansite. So the idea of creating one was born. But I walked around many more corners till I got in touch with the people at AiF in Zurich and Ateliery Bonton Zlin, a.s. in Prague.

A big "Thank you!" goes to the folks at Laserzone which were able to get the Japanese DVDs for me. I also want to thank the people at Bontonland and HIL where I was able to order the DVDs from the Czech Republic (which wasn't easy).

You can reach me by E-Mail:

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